Mustard Capital Partners  
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Feb. 1997
  • Fidelity Investment Advisors (FIA) set up as a unit within Fidelity Discount House (FDH), now Fidelity Bank to operate as a fund manager
Jul. 1999
  • Incorporated Fidelity Equity Fund I Limited (FEF I)
Oct. 2000
  • First closing of FEF I at USD4.5 million
Jan. 2004
  • FIA delinked as a unit within FDH
Apr. 2004
  • FIA renamed Fidelity Capital Partners Ltd (FCPL) with autonomy to operate as an independent PE fund manager
Oct. 2004
  • Final closing of FEF I at USD8.5 million
Jul. 2006
  • Incorporated Fidelity Equity Fund II Limited (FEF II)
Jun. 2007
  • First closing of FEF II at USD16.67 million
Aug. 2008
  • Final closing of FEF II at USD 23.23 million
Dec. 2010
  • Commenced partnership with Jacana Venture Partnership LLP, UK (Jacana)
Jul. 2012
  • FCPL renamed Jacana Partners Limited
June 2013
  • Closed Investment period for FEF II
Mar. 2014
  • Disengaged from Jacana
Jun. 2014
  • Fund Manager Name changed to Mustard Capital Partners Ltd