Mustard Capital Partners  
our investment approach

  • We invest equity and debt in SME’s seeking expansion capital

  • Our debt instruments are in the form of:
    • Convertible debt
    • Redeemable Loan Note; and
    • Preferred Equity

  • Our investment horizon is between 3 and 7 years and average term of 5 years.
  • Our investments are USD denominated (we invest and exit in USD)
  • Our preference is to invest in self-liquidating instruments (composition of total capital invested to date is 43% equity and 57% debt)
  • Our pricing for debt instruments takes a combination of a fixed coupon, royalties and redemption premium.
  • We monitor and ensure that all our Investees are ESG compliant
  • We adopt a proactive/hands-on approach to deal sourcing and portfolio management.