Mustard Capital Partners  
our background
  • Mustard Capital Partners Limited (Mustard) is a Private Equity Fund Management company incorporated in Ghana in 1998.
  • Mustard invests equity and debt in SME’s for financial and social returns. Mustard also provides corporate finance and advisory services to corporate institutions in Ghana.
  • Mustard is owned by the management team, Fidelity Bank (Ghana), FMO (DFI) and Jacana Venture Partnership LLP
  • Geographical focus: Ghana, Liberia and Sierra Leone
  • Two Funds with total assets under management of US$32 million

  • Our Funds have a multi-sector focus with the following priority sectors:
    • Social services (healthcare & education),
    • Financial services,
    • Consumer Services, and
    • Businesses which provide services to oil & gas, mining and telcos